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Jesus came to do the will of the Father and that was to save us and to tell us of the Kingdom of heaven, how much God loves us and what we need to do to find Him again.  For this to happen He had to die for us.  His pure uncorrupted innocent blood had to be shed to cover and protect us from the power of Satan so that we would have free access to God once more and render Satan ineffective at the same time; but not powerless! When God looks at us now He no longer sees our sin, He sees the Holy covering that is the blood of His Son Jesus.  This is not an easy concept to understand but it is the foundation of the Christian belief and if you don’t understand it you are substantially weakened because everything that the Christian is, is as a result of this one act.


But why death you ask, why did Jesus have to die and why this emphasis on blood being shed?  The blood of a human being is the life force of the person.  Before Adam fell we had life in God’s presence, death was not in the plan and blood had never been shed from us or any animal.  When Adam fell, the punishment was death but not immediately. Physical death eventually, spiritual separation from God and as a consequence of this, God had to kill an innocent animal to cover man with the inadequate cover of the skin of the animal; which replaced the glory covering of God.  So, death in every sense of the word had now entered into mankind.


The following scripture confirms this:


Genesis 3:21

Unto Adam also and to his wife did the LORD God make coats of skins, and clothed them.


Jesus had to come to bring spiritual life back to mankind and it is for this reason that He had to die, because only His blood is innocent and could cover us again spiritually. Just as shedding the innocent blood of the animal represented a physical and inadequate covering for mankind, so the innocent blood of Jesus represents a complete spiritual covering for us.


God gives us the definition of the blood in the following scriptures:


Deuteronomy 12:23-25

Only be sure that you eat not the blood: for the blood is the life; and you may not eat the life with the flesh.  You shall not eat it; you shall pour it upon the earth as water.  You shall not eat it; that it may go well with you, and with your children after you, when you shalt do that which is right in the sight of the LORD.


God tells us very clearly here that the blood in a living being is the life of that person or animal and in the case of animals we should not eat it with the meat.  The difference between our blood and Jesus’ blood is that our blood gives life to our individual bodies but Jesus’ blood gives life to mankind.  He is the source of our life so in dying and shedding His blood it gave us life eternal.


He removed the great divided between us and God, He gave us eternal life through His blood being shed for us by bringing us back into a relationship with God. The blood of Jesus gives us the gift to be re-born into an eternal spiritual life with Him. The ‘Cross’ represents all these things to a Christian.  Often you will hear Christians say, we are grateful for what Christ did on the Cross, or our Faith lies in the ‘Cross’ or you will hear teachings on the ‘Cross;’ it is all about the sacrifice Christ made by dying on the cross which means everything to a Christian, it is the foundation of our Faith.


Recommended Reading

The Gospels: Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. The first four books of the New Testament.

Poem of Encouragement

Fight in your Blindness

You may attempt to fight me, but you cannot see For your blindness, and your short sightedness Puts you at a disadvantage Your quest will fail, for you cannot prevail Against Him who called me, the One who hung on that tree! The hearts of men are fickle, and their love for God is but a trickle As they praise each other, with fervour and vigour Their faith cooled and likened to the wind Which blows in this direction and for a moment has their attention Then seeking over yonder, and now they’re off on a wonder. Grace no longer in them abound, as a new friend they have found Pandering to their every desire, unawares they’re caught in the mire Struggling, fighting to build their empire. Refusing to stand where they’ve been placed and trying to run every other race Resurrecting practices long since outlawed, implying that Grace has to be flawed. Your desire is my spirit to kill, for this gives you the deepest thrill But your limited efforts feeble at best, will fall down when put to the test For upon lies and hate my character you try to assassinate But know that God does not sleep and His people He will keep By His awesome power and might, relieving me, I have no need to fight. For when the truth set me free, the darkness will never again see me I will fight to do what’s right, in the Lord’s sight If you don’t live by this code You are powerless to defeat me, because I’m free From the powers of sin, which you continue to walk in. © P.L. Bennett
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