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We have made it into 2018 when many others didn't. Life is a gift from God but without purpose in our lives there is little or no joy.  Pray The Father will help you to connect to the one person that matters; God. All things are possible through Him.


Prayer is just one of the essential things we need to get us through life. Whether you know Jesus Christ as your personal Saviour or not; let these prayers take you into the Holy of Holies, which is the presence of God.


  • Do you want to get to know God for yourself?
  • Are you struggling to understand what prayer is, how to pray or how often to pray?
  • Do you feel confused, misguided and guilty because you are not praying?
  • Have you converted from a religion to the Christian Faith and want to learn more about praying in the name of Jesus?
  • Are you confused by religious rules on prayer?


Get answers to these questions, guidance and more! Learn how to nurture your relationship with God, speak to Him and hear when He speaks to you. Spend time in His presence by praying into the Holy of Holies.


Pray the Father's beautiful collection of prayers and words of encouragement will inspire and empower you!

Learn how to reach out to the only person who can answer Prayers... God!


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