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Author P. L. Bennett helps Christians in turmoil find their purpose in a Hurting World


PL Bennett draws on her life experiences as a Christian to guide readers through their ever-challenging journey of Faith.


Author PL Bennett has herself struggled to understand her faith and her purpose in life. In My Alabaster Box: A Simple Guide Through the Christian Journey” (published by Westbow Press), she reaches out to others in the same situation. Becoming a Christian at nineteen, walking away from her faith, she learned to cope with life in ‘limbo’ living for the world, while trying to hold on to her faith; but doing neither very well. Dealing with her brother’s suicide and many struggles and disappointments taught her to apply her faith to life and not to abandon it when she need it most.


Patricia’s inspiration to write this book came from the new Christians she was mentoring who were unsure about their Faith, why they were called, the struggles in seeking their purpose and learning how to apply it to real life. “They were asking the same questions I asked some thirty something years before.” She wanted to help others before they started falling away and going back into the world more confused than before they left it.


"Life is a journey of choices,” Patricia explains, “make the right ones and you can lead a deeply fulfilling life sprinkled with moments of great successes. Make the wrong choices or refuse to make a choice at all will undoubtedly have a negative impact on your whole life and a journey that should have taken one month actually took a life time."


In “My Alabaster Box” Patricia provides her readers with a simple, uncomplicated understanding of the Christian journey, what to expect and how to deal with the unexpected.  She provides them with valuable help and advice needed to build solid foundations from the outset and become rooted in their Faith.


“My Alabaster Box: A Simple Guide Through the Christian Journey”

By PL Bennett

Soft Cover | 5.5 X 8.5 | 288 Pages | ISBN 978-1-51276-237-2

E-Book | 288 Pages | ISBN 978-1-51276-236-5

Available: Amazon, Barnes and Noble and all major book distributors and retailers


About the Author

Patricia Bennett is an IT Consultant by profession and has a Batchelor’s Degree in Information Systems and Social Sciences, from the University of the West of England.  She is also a qualified Counsellor and Complementary Therapist who spends her days working, counselling and mentoring.  The end of the working day is just the beginning for Patricia as she is driven to fulfilling a lifelong ambition to write. Drawing on her life’s experiences, her passion is to help anyone struggling with their Christian faith, have fallen away and trying to find their way back or just wanting a simple uncomplicated understanding of Christianity. She has one daughter, Paige, and lives in Nottingham, England with her dog Lucy. This is her first published book.





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