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God has called you for a purpose and you must seek to find out what that purpose is with all your heart.  When you answer the call, you need to spend time with the Lord, praying, reading and studying the scriptures and fellowshipping with Him.  By doing this you will become sensitive to the Holy Spirit and hear when He speaks to you in your spirit and in your heart.  Many new Christians find it difficult to know when the Holy Spirit is speaking to them.  This is also true of some Christians who have been with the Lord for quite some time.  The reason for this is because your spirit is not yet trained to hear His voice.


The way to train your spirit to hear the voice of the Holy Spirit is firstly to have an insatiable appetite for the Word of God, studying the Bible, knowing it and living it, allowing it to saturate your spirit.  Remember new babes in Christ need to be fed with ‘milk’ which is the Word of God.  Secondly, you will need to spend much time in prayer which conditions your spirit to be able to receive from God, inspirations, visions, knowledge and the purpose for your life.  It is a must that you spend real quality time with God to find out what His perfect will is for you.  You have a great God, who creates greatness, so don’t settle for average by refusing to spend time with Him, He did not call you to be average, you were already average before He called you.  He called you for greatness!


Sometimes you will hear God speaking very clearly in your spirit and other times you will be uncertain if it’s really Him speaking to you or your own thoughts. Also, remember there is a third person that can and do invade our thoughts, yes Satan can and will do that so it is important to know who is speaking to you. When I want to hear the Lord clearly, especially when I have asked the Lord for guidance or am waiting on Him for an answer to a prayer; I will take myself away from all distractions and spend real quality ‘me time’ with Him. I switch off the television, shut down the laptop, mute the phone and take myself off to a private corner to speak to the Lord. “Lord I know you are speaking to me but I can’t hear you clearly. Please let me know beyond a doubt what you are saying to me or what you want me to do.” Whatever you want to know from the Lord, just ask Him and learn to listen when He speaks to you.








Poem of Encouragement

Fight in your Blindness

You may attempt to fight me, but you cannot see For your blindness, and your short sightedness Puts you at a disadvantage Your quest will fail, for you cannot prevail Against Him who called me, the One who hung on that tree! The hearts of men are fickle, and their love for God is but a trickle As they praise each other, with fervour and vigour Their faith cooled and likened to the wind Which blows in this direction and for a moment has their attention Then seeking over yonder, and now they’re off on a wonder. Grace no longer in them abound, as a new friend they have found Pandering to their every desire, unawares they’re caught in the mire Struggling, fighting to build their empire. Refusing to stand where they’ve been placed and trying to run every other race Resurrecting practices long since outlawed, implying that Grace has to be flawed. Your desire is my spirit to kill, for this gives you the deepest thrill But your limited efforts feeble at best, will fall down when put to the test For upon lies and hate my character you try to assassinate But know that God does not sleep and His people He will keep By His awesome power and might, relieving me, I have no need to fight. For when the truth set me free, the darkness will never again see me I will fight to do what’s right, in the Lord’s sight If you don’t live by this code You are powerless to defeat me, because I’m free From the powers of sin, which you continue to walk in. © P.L. Bennett
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