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The Christian lives by Faith, it is who we are, but how often do we apply our faith to our everyday lives? When we are faced with difficult decisions, injustices, loss and everything else that life throws at us do we rely on our faith in Christ to get through them or do we put our faith in something else? Faith says believe it even before you receive it and have peace in your spirit regardless of what is happening. The Christian has the audacity to hope and believe when others dare not; but all this is because we have hope in Christ to bring us through the situation. We draw our strength from Him and not from ourselves or from others. This doesn’t mean we don’t cry or experience pain and loss like everyone else, it means regardless of the outcome we will be alright.


When we are faced with situations in our everyday lives, some of us will phone or visit our family and friends to offload our problems and seek help, others will keep things to themselves and try to cope with their problems on their own and some will seek professional help. Occasionally they may be able to help but more often than not they can only offer a listening ear and some good advice; because the problem still remains. You may even receive some ‘tough love’ advice to, “sort yourself out, you must be doing something wrong.” Whatever the reaction, the message is clear; they cannot help! It is good to communicate with people who care about you but expecting them to sort out your life and fix your problems is another matter altogether, especially when they have problems of their own.


In my Christian journey, I’ve learned to keep things simple. Life is complicated enough without me complicating it any further. When I am faced with problems in my life the first person I turn to is God. It took a while to learn this and I learned it the hard way. Well-meaning advice from those who care, or not; can inadvertently have a negative impact on you. It can make you feel low, result in you blaming yourself for things which are out of your control and acting on certain advice can make the situation worse. So, my purpose for a phone call or a visit to family and friends is to have a chat, catch-up on life, share things with those closest to me but I have no expectation for them to fix my problems.


Society is concerned with looking the part, focusing on the outward appearance and having faith in each other and ourselves. But what about healing that broken heart hidden from sight but struggling to cope with loss, or resolving financial problems, providing you with a standard of living that you need to give you a good quality of life? After all you only get one chance at it.


As a Christian, your faith and your life should be one and the same. You live your life by faith; so when things go wrong the first person you should call on is the one person who can actually help. He doesn’t sleep, never gets tired of listening to you, He can listen to all our problems at the same time, you don’t have to book an appointment with Him and He never lets you down. The moment I have a problem I tell the Lord about it, so the first step for me is prayer; which is communicating with God. “Lord, this is a difficult one, I can’t deal with it by myself, please help me.” Then I tell the Lord all about it and ask Him to guide me through the situation. Don’t leave anything out, you need to really offload your problems, concerns and challenges to Him. Cry if you must He will understand your emotions. The same way you would share your problems with your friends and loved ones is the same way you should share it with the Lord knowing He can help you. But don’t just share things with the Lord when life is going badly, share the joys and happiness with Him also.


Developing and nurturing your relationship with God is a must for by doing this you will become sensitive to the Holy Spirit and hear when He speaks to you and guide you. Learn how to live by Faith and apply it to your everyday life by reading and studying the Bible. There are so many scriptures that tell us how to live a Christian life, so get started by learning God's Word.


  • Speak to God about your situation
  • Nurture your relationship with God
  • Study the Bible to find out how to apply your faith to everyday life


Recommended Reading:

The book of Romans, the sixth book of the New Testament.



Poem of Encouragement

Fight in your Blindness

You may attempt to fight me, but you cannot see For your blindness, and your short sightedness Puts you at a disadvantage Your quest will fail, for you cannot prevail Against Him who called me, the One who hung on that tree! The hearts of men are fickle, and their love for God is but a trickle As they praise each other, with fervour and vigour Their faith cooled and likened to the wind Which blows in this direction and for a moment has their attention Then seeking over yonder, and now they’re off on a wonder. Grace no longer in them abound, as a new friend they have found Pandering to their every desire, unawares they’re caught in the mire Struggling, fighting to build their empire. Refusing to stand where they’ve been placed and trying to run every other race Resurrecting practices long since outlawed, implying that Grace has to be flawed. Your desire is my spirit to kill, for this gives you the deepest thrill But your limited efforts feeble at best, will fall down when put to the test For upon lies and hate my character you try to assassinate But know that God does not sleep and His people He will keep By His awesome power and might, relieving me, I have no need to fight. For when the truth set me free, the darkness will never again see me I will fight to do what’s right, in the Lord’s sight If you don’t live by this code You are powerless to defeat me, because I’m free From the powers of sin, which you continue to walk in. © P.L. Bennett
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